Best Video Mixing Software – Mix Videos and Audio Files into a Video

Many Video compounding applications area unit tools will be accustomed to combine completely different pictures, images, and audio files into lovely videos. There are a unit variety of uses for this video mixer and editor; therefore, you’ll be able to use them to combine completely different clips and wedding photos to create one lovely video. In below, we’ll show you the most effective video compounding tools that you’ll be able to use for video writing and compounding.

There are several software that helps in editing photos and videos available on the Internet. Here, we will be looking specifically at video editing software. One can’t just shoot a video and upload it online. Only when it is neatly edited, and colors made right, does it look beautiful? One can sequence it in order using video software as one likes it. One can cut any part of the video and can choose only the part they like. This helps in eliminating unnecessary components. This is known as trimming. Another feature in such software is that one can join clips to already existing videos, or may even re-sequence clips to make it more appealing. This software also helps in converting the format of one video to the other. For example, if a file is on MOV format, using such video editing software, one can easily convert it to MP4 format. One may even adjust the brightness, contrast, colors, rotate footages, add sounds, and add transitions and other special effects.

All such features are available on many of the software, but how fast one can do depends on how user- friendly the software is. So, basic, video editing software is used more often on post-production and editing RAW file formats. This involves a lot of skill to edit the videos. Not just the ability, but also on the creativity one shows that differentiates among many. Such edited videos can be watched on the phone, Television, laptops, PC’s, and even on Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram. Among the most popular website is YouTube. One can learn to use some software via YouTube.

Some Of The Benefits One Can Get Out Of The Various Video Editing Software Are:

  1. One can enhance the quality of videos using the software.
  2. One can convert video clips into different formats.
  3. One can adjust the brightness, contrast, colors, etc.
  4. One can trim video clips, re-join clips, re-sequence video clips to make it look more appealing,
  5. One may even add sounds and other special effects.
  6. One may even add transitional effects between video clips.

Mix Videos and Audio Files into a Video

1.HitFilm Express

This is one of the best overall video editing software available, which enables you to do all kinds of stuff. It has many new features which are derived from a Pro version of the same. Some of the new features include motion blur, enhanced preview options, new layout patterns, new export features, additional workspace, and animation keyframing in the editor. It has a very robust timeline editor. Another feature on this software is that the playback options help you speed up editing, and one can continue editing even when the file is being exported. So this software is very flexible.

One of the prominent features of this software is that one can make 4K videos, one can even create their lightsaber battles, and 3D effects. One may also edit videos from their action camera and the latest 360-degree video.

The most disappointing part of this software is that export performance is slow, and some popular features require additional expense, and some playback features remove special effects.
Another task, one must do is shout out on social media to download the free apps. This software is recommended for windows users.

2.Apple iMovie 10.1.8

This is the best video editing software available on the Apple Mac. It is regarded as the best because of the simple interface and the professional-looking themes and trailers. One of the best features of this software is that it supports 4k videos. It also has ample audio tools to improve the sounds of the video. The software, it is effortless to adjust the sound effects, brightness and contrasts, etc. on the video.
It is amateur based video software, which is very popular for budding video editors. It has a simplified layout, and it is effortless to learn such software.

The drawback of this software is that there is minimal control over output setting, and also the ability to edit- 360-degree video, multi-cam editing, and motion tracking. Once the editing is done, there are plenty of sharing options like YouTube and Vimeo.


VideoPad is best known and famous for beginners and also users who want to upload on social media. This software is straightforward to learn, and it has a simple design to it. This software is better because it enables the users to edit 360-degree videos and export them. It works well both on Windows and Mac. Videos can directly be uploaded to YouTube without saving it on your hard drive. This is not the case for Social media accounts. It has a soothing look, and hence, it makes it look more approachable. Some add on features on this software needs to be purchased along with the existing ones.

One of the drawbacks is that it lacks some of the advanced features like multi-cam editing and motion tracking. Nevertheless, it is simple and quick video editing software suitable for social media uploads.

4.DaVinci Resolve 15

This software works well with windows, Mac, and Linux. It is entirely free software and can be used without any watermark on it. It has a neat design layout that is suitable for everyday use. Its distinctive features are known for audio production, color grading, and composting.

Everything is perfect on this, but the disadvantage of this software is that one needs a high-end graphics card for it to run smoothly. To learn advanced features on this, one needs to learn more than usual times. There is no direct upload for social media platforms, and hence users must download the files and upload them manually. This software is suitable only for systems with high graphic cards.


This software has basic editing features available only on windows but lacks the most popular and advanced tools for editing. The advantage is that this supports 4k videos along with a variety of stylish built-in effects, transitions, and audio effects. This is regarded as purely for simple editing since the software is not user-friendly for learning, and it takes lots of time. A useful feature lets you Screen-capture anything from the desktop, also on the video as well. The main drawback is that its interface is still old fashioned and does not contain any of the popular tools such as motion tracking, 360-degree editing, etc.

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It is powerful and includes lots of features in its package. It has a flexible interface, but also it is different among many of the video editing software. It has a steeper curve compared to other videos available in the market. The positive feature of this software is that it supports Windows and Mac. And it supports many video files as well as audio files. This software also includes many video filters as well as audio filters. Such filters help the video to look better.

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With all of these video mixing softwares, users should also be able to edit any part of their videos. Most of the Windows and Mac programs either have one or only a few features. Nevertheless, these video mixing tools are a complete video editor and mixer for mixing any kind of media files without any problems.

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