Top 10 Video Call Software for Windows PC

Are you looking for a versatile professional video call software? If yes, then go through this website without wasting time and read about the best video call software for Windows PC.

For a healthy and robust relationship, communications play a vital role. This is the reason why the development of the calling system is a very crucial role. Phone calls have made communication very easy and quick. However, it is quite costlier than the calls over the internet. This is the reason why people often like to go for video calls, which is free to use and open for video or voice call anytime. So, video calling software is perfect for communication with family and friends for free in different modes like chatting and calling.

In this era of advanced technology, messaging and video calls have become a need for maintaining communication in the corporate world. It creates the need for a well-functioning video call software that can be used to connect with numerous people with all elementary security and protection tools. In this article, learn about the top 10 video call software for Windows PC, which will help you to resolve your issue for online conversation. Go through the article thoroughly to know about them in detail.

Top 10 Video Call Software for Windows PC 2019

1. Skype

Skype is a popular application used for video chatting online. It is also listed as one of the fine-quality video calling software for both professional and personal use. Owing to many features, it is widely used for video calling and voice calling. So, it is an effortless and direct way to connect with people through a laptop or mobile phone. Various companies are using Skype for their video calling meetings and other formal conversation.

Features of Skype:

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is used as a video chatting app for professional purposes. Because of the quality of the video, ease of making calls and quick access, it is widely used by millions of users for connecting to their email contacts. You need not download a particular application for using it. You can quickly get access to all your messages and other communication services of Google Hangouts from the Gmail interface. This is one of the most prominent features of Google Hangouts, which has given it the top position in the world of digital communication.

Features of Google Hangouts:

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Google Hangouts is one of the top video call software for Windows PC.


The Line is another popular software for video calls having millions of users from all over parts of the world. You can easily get connected with your friends, family, acquaintances, and other people through this free messaging and calling app launched in Japan. The best part of this software is that it offers all its services for free. So, you can make your calls for free no matter national or international.

Features of Line:

LINE is one of the top video call software for Windows PC.

4. Tango

Tango is one of the oldest and efficient platforms for video calls. It is widely used for photo sharing, video chatting and play games. It is much more than a calling app and instant messaging. With over 400 million users, Tango has become a versatile software to be used on mobile phones and Windows PC for video calls. It possesses many features that make it being loved by its users without any discontinuity.

Features of Tango:

Tango is one of the top video call software for Windows PC.

5. Viber

One can’t miss the name of Viber while talking about the top video calling apps. It is a versatile application with multiple features for video calls, voice call, and instant messaging. You can easily download this app from App Store and Google Play Store. Moreover, it is available to connect with people from all over the world. The best part if this software is that it is free to use. One can send stickers and emoticons to their friends to make the chat more interesting.

Features of Viber:

Viber is one of the top video call software for Windows PC.

6. IMO

IMO is considered as one the best video calling apps for Windows PC. It has appeared as a proficient video calling app as an alternative to Facebook and Skype. It has easy to use interface and quick access buttons which make it a flexible software to be used on Windows PC. Moreover, this software can be used on several devices, which helps the user to sync the contacts and conversation easily and access anytime.

Features of IMO:

IMO is one of the top video call software for Windows PC.

7. Facebook Video Chat

Facebook has brought revolution in the world of digital communication with its feature of video and audio chat. It makes video chat very easy on the laptop. Moreover, many features are also added along with the HD quality of the video. One can add AR filters, emoticon, play games and do many other exciting things while having a video chat.

Features of Facebook Video Chat:

Facebook Video Chat is one of the top video call software for Windows PC.

8. Nimbuzz

Here comes another fantastic software for video chat on Windows PC, i.e., Nimbuzz. Start using the app for all your messaging, audio chat, and video chat needs with an interactive and user-friendly interface. It offers many features for audio and video calls, which make it the best choice for video chat.

Features of Nimbuzz:

Nimbuzz is one of the top video call software for Windows PC.

9. TokBox

TokBox is another software for having a good quality video chat on Windows PC. It has several features that differentiate it from other social messaging app and video chatting apps. It renders web-based video chatting service popularly used in the corporate world for video conferencing, sharing videos, presentations, and other files. The best part of this software is that one can even add his/ her Facebook friends to video call through an extension. It is available in both a free and paid version. Its excellent compatibility makes it an ideal software for video calling.

Features of TokBox:

TokBox is one of the top video call software for Windows PC.

10. WeChat

Last but not least, WeChat is also an excellent platform for having high-quality video calling on Windows PC. With the features for texting, messaging, audio call and video call, this app is popular among millions of users. It is highly compatible with all the devices and can be easily synced among them.

Features of WeChat:

WeChat is one of the top video call software for Windows PC.

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So, you have read about this list of popular software for video calls which you can easily access on your Windows PC. Use these platforms for high-quality video and audio calls with filters and other options, along with messaging and texting. If you have used any of these platforms on Windows, then kindly share your experience in the comments section below.

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