How to Export & Print WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to PDF

Export & Print WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to PDF

More and more people get WhatsApp installed on their iPhone for it allows users to chat with friends over Internet data or Wi-Fi without having to pay for SMS. Sometimes you might want to extract and print WhatsApp messages from the iPhone for a court, backup, or other use. Exporting WhatsApp chat to PDF is beneficial as it is secured by a password, and others are not allowed to edit it. In this article, we will show you 4 different ways to export and print WhatsApp messages from your iPhone to PDF.

Part 1: Ways to Print Few iPhone WhatsApp Messages

The methods in this part are helpful when you just need to print a handful of WhatsApp conversation from iPhone. If you have a lot of iPhone WhatsApp messages to print, we advise you to skip to Part 2.

1. Export iPhone WhatsApp Chat to PDF by Email

iPhone users are not allowed to export the WhatsApp chat to PDF for printing directly. But you can do this by emailing the WhatsApp messages to your email box. The detailed steps are as below.

It is an easy way. However, when you need to print multiple iPhone WhatsApp messages, it will be rather time-consuming as you have to copy and paste these messages one by one. Besides, the printed PDF file includes no information about the date, time, and sender, which can be crucial in some scenarios. Thus, if you want to save WhatsApp chat as PDF for backup, you can take this way. But for the evidence in court, you need to read on.

2. Print iPhone WhatsApp Messages as PDF via Screenshot

There is another workaround to print iPhone WhatsApp messages as PDF. You can capture the screenshots of the WhatsApp chat you need and print them out by the iOS Airprint feature. Let’s see the following steps.

This way is also not suitable for those folks who have a slew of WhatsApp messages to print out. It is a bit more convenient than the previous method, and the printed file keeps the time, date, and sender information. Consequently, the PDF files printed by this method can be used for court.

Part 2: Ways to Print Multiple WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

When you have a lot of iPhone WhatsApp messages to print, the best option is to make use of a third-party tool.

3. Print Deleted WhatsApp Conversation from iPhone with iPhone Data Recovery

Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful tool that works as an excellent iPhone WhatsApp Extractor. It can recover the deleted WhatsApp messages and export them for printing. Moreover, the information on the date, time, and contact is included in the printed WhatsApp messages. Just give it a try.

Download iPhone Data Recovery software for Windows Download iPhone Data Recovery software for Mac

Note: If you have an available iTunes or iCloud backup file, the program can help you extract and print out WhatsApp messages from the backup. You even don’t need to connect your iPhone to the computer.

4. Extract WhatsApp Messages from iPhone Backup and Print to PDF

If you have an iPhone backup on the computer, you can use some third-party software to extract and print out your WhatsApp chat from the backup. The iPhone Backup Extractor can help you extract and print WhatsApp messages, contacts, text messages, photos, calendars, safari bookmarks, etc. from the iTunes backup.

Download iTunes Backup Extractor Download iTunes Backup Extractor for mac

Backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone

Many iPhone users face the same problem of losing WhatsApp messages when they switch to a new iPhone 7/7 Plus. Keeping a safe backup of WhatsApp messages at hand is very necessary in such a situation. In fact, it is quite simple to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

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