How to Delete iPhone Backup on Windows PC or Mac

How to Delete iPhone Backup

Backing up iPhone is significant to prevent data loss. By default, iTunes or Finder keeps only one local backup per iOS device. But If you have backed up more than one device or archived your iOS backups, there can be multiple backups on your computer that take up a lot of room.

Although you are not allowed to view and edit the iTunes backup, you can locate and remove old iPhone backups from computer to save space. Read this article to learn how to delete iTunes backup on Windows PC or Mac respectively. You can also find how to delete iCloud backup from your computer, and a useful tool to manage iTunes backups on your computer.

Part 1. How to Delete iTunes Backup on Windows and Mac Directly

Whether you are a user of Windows PC or Mac, you can delete old backups from iTunes directly. But if you are using a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15, please skip to the Part 2.

Here are simple steps to delete old backups on iTunes directly:

Part 2. How to Remove iOS Backups from Finder (On Mac)

In macOS Catalina 10.15, the device management capabilities of iTunes have been taken over by Finder. At this time you should remove your iPhone backup from Finder instead of iTunes. Here is how to do it:

Part 3. How to Delete iPhone Backup from the Folder on Computer

Alternatively, you can find the location of iPhone backups on your computer first, and then delete them from the Backup folder. Windows and macOS store the iTunes backup in different routes, so here we introduce how to locate and delete iTunes backup on PC and Mac separately.

Delete iTunes Backup on Windows 10, 8, 7

Remove iOS backups from Mac

Part 4. How to Delete iCloud Backup from Computer

When you delete iTunes backups, you can also remove some old iCloud backups from your computer by following the instructions below.

On Windows PC

On Mac

Bonus: A Useful Tool to Manage iTunes Backup on Computer

Due to the data encryption restrictions, you can’t access, view or export data from an iTunes backup unless you restore it to your iOS device. However, it is impractical to access the data in a backup by restoring it every time. In this case, you can use the Jihosoft iPhone Manager program to help yourself out.

Download iTunes Backup Extractor Download iTunes Backup Extractor for mac

With this iPhone Data manager, you can quickly find the iTunes backup location and freely access, view and extract all files in your iTunes backup, including the File System. Moreover, it enables you to backup and transfer the iOS data to computer or external drive in one click. Here we take how to use Jihosoft iPhone Manager to quickly locate the iTunes backup and extract data from backup file as an example.

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