4 Quick Ways to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone

Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone.

There are many times when we need to transfer videos from computer to the iPhone. For example, you downloaded YouTube videos on your computer and want to add them to iPhone so that you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. Or, you imported a video from iPhone to computer for editing and then want to send it back to your iPhone.

To add videos from your computer to your iPhone, you can sync them using iTunes. But iTunes is not the only option and there are some alternatives to it. This article will detail how to transfer videos from PC to iPhone with or without iTunes.

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Part 1. Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone with iTunes

The first way, also the official one as detailed by Apple, is through the use of iTunes. iTunes is Apple’s desktop software that allows users to created iOS backups, restore backups, sync media data between the computer and iOS devices, etc.

Here is how to use iTunes to transfer videos from PC to iPhone:

Part 2. Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

Get Videos from PC to iPhone using iCloud Drive

Every Apple ID comes with access to iCloud Drive. Even if you are not a paid user, you get 5 GB of cloud storage for free. You can use it to transfer video files to your iPhone from your PC. Just upload the data to the iCloud Drive on iCloud.com and access it in the iCloud Drive or Files app on your iPhone.

You can download the videos offline on your iPhone and then open them in Camera Roll. However, if the video size is large, it can be time and data consuming process. And you should ensure there is enough space in iCloud to finish this task successfully.

Import Videos from PC to iPhone with Dropbox

Besides iCloud, you can also use other cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive to transfer videos from PC to iPhone wirelessly. The whole process is similar to using iCloud Drive, but you need to download and install a corresponding client on your iPhone. Here we take the Dropbox as an example.

Move Videos from PC to iPhone via an iOS App

Apart from the above two ways, you can also use ShareIt to transfer files from your PC to your iPhone without iTunes. It is one of the most Popular file sharing apps. It has an iOS app as well as a desktop client. Just follow the steps below to transfer the video file from PC to your iPhone.

The best part about using this app is that it does not use any data to send the file. A local connection is made for the file transfer.

Part 3. How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC with One Click

Sometimes you may also need to transfer videos from iPhone to PC. iTunes is definitely the first choice for many people. But here we introduce Jihosoft iPhone Manager, an excellent tool that can get off videos from your iPhone to the computer. You can use it when you encounter an error when you try to sync your iPhone with iTunes. Here are some features of this software.

Download iTunes Backup Extractor Download iTunes Backup Extractor for mac

Now download and install this program on your PC and start using it to transfer videos from iPhone to the computer with one click.

Bottom Line:

From the article, you have learned how to transfer videos from your PC to the iPhone with or without iTunes. Using iTunes is an easy way. But when you run into errors when syncing iPhone, you can use iCloud Drive, other cloud services or an iOS app for file transfer to put videos on iPhone. Please pick out the one that’s best for you, or better, master all the methods in the text. We hope this guide will be useful to you. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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