10 Best Android Download Manager Apps (2019)

A download manager can help you in these cases by smoothening out the download. During downloading a chunk of data via your phone, it is not possible to utilize the maximum bandwidth of the connection. This can happen due to the source server limitation.

The download manager is especially beneficial for the mobile networks which are erratic. In this type of mobile network, sometimes downloads are failing at one point and can even become very slow.

Download managers appear to be Associate in the nursing archaic type of managing downloads. After all, most browsers have one already, and folks don’t invariably transfer a lot of files. However, there is a unit some advantages from Associate in nursing structure stand and, sometimes, from a speed stand also. Those who oftentimes transfer fully have a use case for transfer managers. There aren’t heaps of them around; however many clearly rise to the highest. Here are the most effective ones for Android!

Need for download managers

There is another way to download the file. Here your phone can break the file into various pieces and then download it. This can lead to higher turnaround times as well as no more restrictions from the source. Download managers are not similar to the browser’s in-built tools. These applications can help you in achieving the multithreading concept without actually generating any fuss and additional settings.

Many factors can restrict the download of the internet. These factors or malfunctions can be a waste of both your data and time. Download managers can easily take care of these factors; they also allow or help you to resume the downloads which have failed by just a touch. Even if they don’t start from the exact point of failure, you still don’t have to restart the download as they are downloaded in small batches.

These download managers are also very beneficial to download more than one file at one time. They have smart multithreading algorithms which can cleverly put resources wherever they are required. Additionally, you can also start multiple downloads as it will automatically add them to the queue, without beginning a new one manually.

If you download something of a large chunk or also multiple downloads can hinder the other functions of your phone. These bandwidth controls can be easily overcome with the help of download managers. You can also choose at which the app fetches the data. There are some apps where you can dedicate these settings just for a particular section.

Best Download Managers

1.Advanced Download Manager

It is a perfect Android app. The app helps you to download any files as well. The number can range up to 3 or more for simultaneous files for any Android device. This app can easily recognize any files which can be downloaded and can also increase the speed for download till around nine multithreading instances. This app can easily support popular browsers like Chrome, Dolphin, and Boat browser, etc. This app also contains a browser along with multiple tabs.

Advanced Download Manager helps you to download any files as well.

2.Turbo Download manager

It is a very efficient tool to help you download files even with low bandwidth. You can also use the built-in web browser of the app only to surf the net. The app supports browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Skyfire, UC browser, etc. This downloader can make it possible to make it run up to ten multiple threads. You can easily pause and even resume the number of downloads at any moment. This app also helps you to download the files directly into your memory card with parallel download features.

Turbo Download manager It is a very efficient tool to help you down is a very efficient tool to help you download files even with low bandwidth.

3.Download Accelerator Plus

This app is another top-rated and well-suited download manager app with a lot of efficiencies in quickly downloading the contents. The features of these apps include the easy and direct download of the files in your SD or memory card, the browser tabs along with the capability to resume any interrupted downloads. The UI of this app has been designed quite well, along with the use of the tablets. The maximum speed of the downloading can also be set appropriately as per your preference. The app is also available in other languages apart from the English language.

Download Accelerator Plus is another top-rated and well-suited download manager app.

4.Loader Droid

This app is primary for the Android platform users. This app is quite similar to the ADM and can capture the downloadable links automatically from any browser. The app provides very quick downloading speed by breaking up the file into multiple parts. You can also pause the download or schedule the download when required.

It is a stable, free, and easy to use the app. This app can easily download the file size of any amount and can help you in quickly saving it to the SD-card of yours.

Loader Droid is quite similar to the ADM and can capture the downloadable links automatically from any browser.

5.Download Manager for Android

This app is one of the best app available in the market for downloading files. It will allow you to download any files quickly, and it also claims to be around three times faster than any of the apps. The Download Manager app also has a very user-friendly interface along with a file manager and also an excellent browser. The browser has several features like bookmark manager, speech recognition along with the option to resume or pause downloads at any time. The app also supports HTML5 for any video or webpage.

Download Manager for Android is one of the best app available in the market for downloading files.

6. Fast Download Manager

The download manager apps are very beneficial for the device to help large downloads at a very smooth and fast speed. You can use try this app.

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7. Download Manager

When you’re looking for the best Android downloader, don’t skip this Download Manager app that offers more than easy downloads. It’s an advanced Android download manager app with Torrent download support. You can save files directly to your SD card using the Download Manager.

You can easily download compressed ZIP / RAR files, documents, music, videos, photos, and APK files. Also, it contains an in-built Adblock browser and a popup blocker. The app has a fantastic interface with easy access to download files.

It comes with an amazing batch download feature to get content from the websites. Download Manager contains tutorial videos to help you discover the different methods of video download. It’s free without any in-app purchases but can display full-screen video ads.

8. GetThemAll

GetThemAll is one of Android’s best download manager software. With it, you don’t have to search for downloadable files from different websites. This comes with a fully integrated web browser. This browser shows a small arrow button in the lower right corner, and once you press it, the software analyzes the website and scans for any downloaded files or links. It also has an integrated file manager, and you can even download files in background mode.
GetThemAll provides an easy way to share files with Google Drive or transfer them to your PC via WiFi. It’s available in the Play Store without any in-app purchases. Nevertheless, the app shows the ads. It also has an ad-free version that isn’t free to download.

9. Downloader & Private Browser

It is a lightweight and powerful download manager software for Android users. You will need to access them through your browser to download files. This supports uploading all file formats. You can even browse the web privately by allowing your private browsing feature.

You can also store your downloaded data in a password-protected directory. It also has an in-app video player and a music player.It supports up to 10 simultaneous downloads. It’s available free of charge with in-app purchases. Nonetheless, you might be irritated by advertising.

10. IDM Download Manager

Not to be confused with the common Windows download manager, IDM Download Manager is an Android download tool. It claims to provide five times faster download speed along with the ability to access any files. You can import from your default browser or address, by using the sharing connection, or by entering the URL manually.
Besides download management, this quick file downloader also comes with a built-in browser, file manager, audio, and video player. IDM allows downloading from HTML5 web pages and also gives you the freedom to pause, restart, or cancel downloads at any time. It’s an easy yet well-organized app that’s available for free. It has some in-app purchases, and it also features advertising.

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