[Solved] I Can’t Import MP4/MOV Videos into Final Cut Pro X

I am attempting to get files into an FCPX event. The built-in memory files from the camera imported without issue but the files on the SD cards are giving me the error: “No importable files. None of the selected files or folders can be imported”. I’m doing this project for my boss and so am on a tight deadline. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t Import MP4/MOV Videos into Final Cut Pro X

You might have come across quite a lot of similar complaints of “No importable files” in Final Cut Pro and requests of help before you’re landing here. Yes, you’re not alone. Some people even find the videos recorded with their iPhone are not supported in Apple’s own video editing product – Final Cut Pro X. Don’t worry. In this tutorial, we will introduce 2 methods in case Final Cut Pro won’t import videos in MP4/MOV format.

Method 1. Export Videos with QuickTime Player

This solution has been proven to be working for many users. If you can open the videos in QuickTime player but still get the error “No importable files” in Final Cut Pro X, this method is worth a try.

Method 2. Convert Videos into Supported Final Cut Pro Files

In some cases, you can’t even open the videos in QuickTime because of unsupported formats, and you will need a software to convert the videos into the compatible format for Final Cut Pro X.

Jihosoft Video Converter is one of the best converting tools for Mac and Windows users. With it, you can convert videos to other formats with a few clicks. This video converter supports a wide range of multimedia devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, Zune, Creative Zen, Wii, MP4 Players, and mobile phones.

Download 4K Video Converter for Windows Download 4K Video Converter for Mac

If you want to convert a video into a format which is supported in Final Cut Pro, Jihosoft Video Converter is your best choice. Apple ProRes 422 is the recommended video codec of Final Cut Pro X, but you may also consider other videos format supported by FCP, which are available in this program.

Follow the instruction below for Apple ProRes 422 conversion:

In addition to video conversion, this program also allows users to edit videos with crop, trim, effect, and watermark. If you want to make some basic edition before converting videos for Final Cut Pro, you don’t need any extra software.

If your videos can’t be opened in this program, it is possible that they have been corrupted due to unknown reasons and you may try to repair corrupted videos in some ways, but the chance would be really low.

How to Check Video Codec Information

It is necessary to know the codec information of your video when it is not recognized by Final Cut Pro. With VLC, one of the best media players, you can do it easily.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have learnt 2 ways to solve “No importable files” in Final Cut Pro X. We believe the solutions will work for many people but not for some others since the conditions of various users could be quite different. However, don’t worry. Just let us know your situation in the comment section below so that more people will join us for additional discussion and possible methods.

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