Fix the issues “Windows license will expire soon”

If you are using windows 10 OS on your computer and suddenly one day you see a flash message at the bottom of the screen “Your windows license will expire soon” can disturb you completely. Today everyone is dependent on computer and carry out most of their work on it. In such a situation, getting such a message can make you ferocious.

But before going for any solution, make sure to check the activation status of OS. This would help to know whether your license is active or not.

So, to do so open File Explorer -> right-click on your computer name -> select option properties-> You will see windows activation status at the bottom and thus can make sure about the genuine license.

open File Explorer

So, instead of getting annoyed and stressed, just follow below mentioned alternative to fix the issue.

Fix the issues Windows license will expire soon.

Manual Reactivation of license

Use Activation troubleshooter

This is the process where troubleshooters will check for any issue that gives such a message on your screen and if it exists, it will fix it. Start with rebooting the system and then follow below-mentioned steps:

In many situations, trouble-shooters would not be able to fix the issue and so you have to activate license through the manual activation process again.

Change Group policy

Some tried ways can fix license issue and one of them is changing your group policy. It is easy to change it and to make it possible to follow the process properly:

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Task Manager

There is a possibility that your issue can get fixed by running Task Manager. It might soon weird to someone but yes it is possible to fix the issue with it. So, to do so follow the mentioned steps:

Reset Licensing status

This option might look funny to many of us, but sometimes resetting the licensing status can fix the issue and help your computer run smoothly. This process is quite simple and to follow it you need to open a command prompt with admin privileges.

Enter the command “slmgr –rearm” followed by the Enter key. In any circumstances, following this would resolve your license key issue.

Modify registry

If you are using a genuine license key on your computer and still the message appears on screen you can get rid of it by making a change in your registry. So, to do so you are required to follow some steps, which are as follows:

These are some of the common ways by which you can get rid of the message that annoys you. It is quite easy to follow any such option if you are using a genuine license key.

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