10 Best Junk File Cleaner for Windows 10 in 2021

The standard PC storage space has reached 500 GB or 1 TB years ago and people thought it’s impossible to fill the whole hard drive with junk files, but nowadays, computers could easily run super slow or even be frozen when trying to launch a big game or program. Meanwhile, the in-built cleaning tool often has an inferior performance.

Here, in this article, we will list the top 10 best junk cleaner software which can be very useful for both experienced and new users to get rid out of these performance related issues with ease.


Junk file cleaning tools usually provide a detailed list of potential items to be cleaned, but it is up to users to choose which ones to be executed. Therefore, make sure you know what you are going to wipe from your computer. In case you deleted or lost important files by mistake, don’t hesitate to get them back as soon as possible with Jihosoft File Recovery – one of the best data recovery software for Windows and Mac.

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1) Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced system optimizer is an excellent kind of Junk files remover software for PC which can search and remove all the junk files and folders effectively and efficiently. An integrated feature of Game Optimizer is also available in this software which will optimize the gaming performance of our PC by running the appropriate scanning processes. Moreover, this software can also update the gaming drivers on your PC to make the overall performance of your PC to a right and top level. This Junk file remover software is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista as well. All you are required to install this software on your PC to start the scanning process and after the complete PC scan is done, click on the Clean junk files option to eliminate all the junk files from your PC.

Advanced System Optimizer is one of the top best junk file cleaner software.

2) CCleaner

CCleaner is another very incredible choice for all the users who are looking out to get an efficient Junk file cleaner software for their PC. There are lots of different optimized and enhanced features present in this software that users can use in their PC to optimize the performance of their PC to the maximum level. Moreover, every type of processor application running in the background will automatically get killed by this software. You can also customize the settings of the scanner to prevent the deletion of important files. But, according to our experts, there is no such need because there is a very less probability that CCleaner will delete the files which are not suspicious for your PC. So, get this software installed on your PC today to eliminate the risk of the poor performance of your PC. CCleaner software is available for free for all users, and that’s why it has a very huge fan base.

CCleaner is one of the top best junk file cleaner software.

3) PC Decrapifier

Another potent Junk file remover software to clean up your PC to enhance the performance of your PC to the maximum levels. The user-interface of this software seems to be a little basic version, but the searching efficiency of junk files through this Junk files remover software is excellent and that’s why it is regarded as the most powerful software to remove junk files efficiently. However, it has been observed that the ongoing scanning process in this software sometimes goes down due to several reasons, but we don’t think that it will annoy you because you can start a new fresh scan to detect the presence of junk files anytime you want to. A deep scanning option is also available in this software to deeply analyze and scan all the junk files present on your PC. So, and sure shot choice for all the users who are desperately looking to enhance the performance of their PC.

PC Decrapifier is one of the top best junk file cleaner software.

4) Tuneup Utilities

If you are looking to get a good Junk files remover software which is having the best kinds of Graphic user-interface, then Tuneup Utilities should be your first preference. This highly optimized features of this software will automatically detect for the junk files and will automatically delete them. You will always feel that your PC is gaining a lot of power as this software will make sure that the overall performance of your PC will always get around to the maximum levels. There is a special Turbo Mode available in this software that can deliver some more fruitful results to the users. Moreover, this software will also alert you whenever it detects any suspicious file or junk file in your PC. You can preview the warning released by this software and can take the appropriate action on it. To get this software on your PC, you have to spent some money as this software comes only in the paid version which will cost you around $40.

Tuneup Utilities is one of the top best junk file cleaner software.

5) AVG Tune Up

Yet another handy and powerful Junk file cleaner for the PC users who can deliver excellent results to the users. The AVG Tune Up will somehow behave as a virtual Antivirus software on your PC because it will scan all the files and folder not only to detect the junk files, instead, this software will also scan for the viruses and suspicious malware files too. But users will get all the features in the paid version of AVG Tune Up software. The free version of this software is not of much use for the users because it doesn’t have enough features to optimize the performance of your PC completely. You can also give permission to this software to search for the regular updates so that your PC will run on the latest software firmware. It will automatically enhance the performance of your PC up to maximum levels. So, a quite worthy choice for all users for sure.

AVG Tune Up is one of the top best junk file cleaner software.

6) Wise Disk Cleaner

This is another very great kind of Junk file remover software for PC users who are known for its excellence and consistency in delivering positive results to the users. After you install this awesome Junk file remover software on your PC, you will see that your PC will start delivering power-packed performance to you for sure. The graphic user interface of this Junk file cleaner is also very well enhanced to meet the needs of the users in a particular manner. Users can also turn on the schedule on this software which will automatically run the deep scan process inside your PC on the day and date fixed by you. The deep scan reports will be displayed in front of you once the scanning process is done. You can preview it and can take the desired actions very easily.

Wise Disk Cleaner is one of the top best junk file cleaner software.

7) Magic Utilities

When it comes to getting a good and premium quality type of Junk cleaner software, then Magic Utilities software will become the first choice for the users as it is a prevalent and well-developed software for the users. If you go to the custom settings of this software, then you will see different options like removing junk files, fixing the application issues, clearing the browsing history and all the cache data, etc. You can turn on the features which you want at your level. Though this software comes in the paid version, but spending some handsome amount of money on this software is quite worthy. For an annual subscription, users are required to pay almost $40, which is not a huge amount considering the features which it offers. After installing this software on your PC, you will observe that the overall performance of your PC is getting improved and stable day by day. So, go for this software if you are still confused about it.

Magic Utilities is one of the top best junk file cleaner software.

8) File Cleaner

If you want to improve your PC’s performance to the maximum level, then File Cleaner must be present in your bucket list for sure. File Cleaner is that kind of software which is dedicated to delivering excellent results to the users. The enhanced and optimized built-in features of this software are always working to remove all kinds of suspicious and malware files from your PC. The real-time deep scan search on this PC is one of the best kinds of feature which is rarely offered by the kinds of software packages. The toolbar of the present in this software is containing a lot of enhanced features which will make your job a lot easier. You will automatically observe that the overall performance of your PC is getting enhanced day by day, and as a result, you will surely get satisfied. File Cleaner software is an open source software which means that you won’t have to pay any subscription charges.

File Cleaner is one of the top best junk file cleaner software.

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9) Slim Cleaner

Yet another very decent choice type of Junk file cleaner software which is having the best kinds of optimized and enhanced features. All you need to do is to run the scan process and let this software to detect all the junk files in a single run. The Graphic user-interface of this software is very well developed so that users will get attracted towards it. The developers of this software are also working very hard to fix all the minor bugs and issues which are causing real troubles for the users. Fixing these bugs and issues will make sure that every kind of bug will also get eliminated from your PC as well.

Slim Cleaner is one of the top best junk file cleaner software.

10) R-Wipe and Clean

To end this list of top 10 Junk file remover software, there is no other choice better than R-Wipe and Clean software for PC users. Developed with the best kinds of highly optimized features, this software is a very popular choice among the users which is recommended by most of the tech forums and organizations as well. Getting this software on your Pc will also make sure that any kind of suspicious activity on your PC will get blocked instantly without your permission to ensure privacy protection. The junk file detector and remover feature of this software is another very important kind of feature which can deliver positive results to you for sure. So, just quickly install this software on your PC because it is available for free to all users.

R-Wipe and Clean is one of the top best junk file cleaner software.


Depending on the habits of people using their computers, the top 10 free junk file cleaners could be ideal for different individuals and groups. You’re also welcome to suggesting your favorite PC cleaning tools which are not in the list through the comment section.

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