6 Best Cloud Storage Services for Photos and Files

Hard disk failure is a nightmare to many photographers, which could cause permanent loss of important pictures, data and even money. However, it is almost impossible to avoid accidental or mistaken errors or damages to such kind of physical devices. As a result, a lot of experienced photographers and computer workers choose cloud storage as an alternative measure.

You can undoubtedly store your records and files in cloud storage and access them at whatever point you like. Besides, utilizing cloud storage is likewise the most favored strategy to have safe storage of documents that are too valuable to even think about losing. So what precisely is cloud storage, and how can it work? We should inform you regarding a portion of these services in detail

What is Cloud Storage?

No, it’s not putting away your information in the cloud. Cloud drive is a kind of information model in which your data is kept on remote servers with the goal that you can get to them effectively. The servers, based on the virtualization model, are overseen and kept up by the cloud storage service provider who charges you for the usage.

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There are numerous companies offering cloud storage benefits nowadays, yet picking the best out of them isn’t simple.
In case you’re in the market for picking a cloud storage service, here is a positive guide enumerating the best out of the part.

Best Cloud Storage Providers 2020

1. Dropbox – Overall Best Online Storage

With its straightforward interface and consistent adjusting feature, Dropbox is, without a doubt, a standout amongst other cloud storage suppliers. In spite of the way that it gives only 2GB of free online capacity, Dropbox stays a common name among the cloud storage suppliers. Dropbox Paper, the communitarian device, and a prevalent Microsoft Office elective is profoundly valuable in streamlining workspace tasks.

Another significant element, named Dropbox Rewind enables you to reestablish your whole cloud storage in a specific way of time. Backing for numerous outsider applications and programming is another motivation behind why we have picked Dropbox as the pioneer in this rundown.

You can grow your free storage by finishing the ‘Beginning’ direct, welcoming your companions and addressing inquiries in the DropBox discussion.

Pricing: $11.99/mo for 2TB, $19.99/mo for 3TB

2. pCloud – A Feature-pressed And Secure Cloud Storage Provider

pCloud offers encrypted cloud storage service with a great arrangement of features. Its File Management feature enables you to look and channel records effectively. You get a lifetime free premium membership with 500GB capacity for $175 one-time installment. For an extra $175, you get 2TB of capacity. Its features incorporate an in-built video player and customer side encryption.

The cloud drive dazzles in its security features. There is an alternative to secret phrase to ensure individual records and organizers by $4.99 every month. Additionally, pCloud protects documents with TLS/SSL encryption and the data is being kept in multiple remote location servers to make sure you can access it in a case of downtime.

On the drawback, pCloud doesn’t offer online record altering devices like the ones offered by Google Drive.

Pricing: $175 for 500 GB, $350 For 2TB capacity

pCloud offers encrypted cloud storage service with a great arrangement of features.

3. Mega – Cheapest Cloud Storage

For the individuals who need to discard pointless however valuable documents in cloud storage, Mega is the best choice you have. It offers free 50 GB storage which is sufficient on the off chance that you have some extra records to keep. The cloud storage supplier’s attention to the security of your files and organizers is similarly amazing. It offers to start to finish encryption and joint effort devices like Google Drive online capacity were beyond what one individual can alter or see a record all the while.

You can utilize Mega cloud storage with numerous operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Android. The File Versioning feature enables you to track changes in your documents and return them at whatever point required.
In the free 50GB capacity plan, you get 15GB capacity in a flash. If you want to grow your capacity limit, you have to perform task like introducing Mega’s work area customer. In any case, the earned storage lapses following a half year and you’re essentially left with the underlying 15GB.

On the drawback, Mega doesn’t offer any choice to export records to other cloud storage drives like Google Drive. In addition, matching up of documents in Mega isn’t sufficient, and the nonattendance of secret phrase securing the transferred records is likewise a miss.

Pricing: 4.99 €/mo for 200GB capacity, and 1TB exchange topping, 9.99 €/mo for 1TB capacity, and 2TB exchange topping.

Mega is the best choice you have.

4. Box – Best Cloud Storage For Small And Medium Businesses

In case you’re searching for cloud storage for your business, Box is the best Google Drive elective. Its mix with different apparatuses and programming puts it under the most favorable conditions cloud storage suppliers like Google Drive and OneDrive. It comes with solid business-focused applications that let you manage your data and work seamlessly from anywhere.

For security-focused corporates, Box online also offers a Box Business plan with many business management tools included. Features like additional password protection, team collaboration, advanced file management, and many more.
Concerning aces, you can’t adjust a document of beyond what 5GB in Box, which could be a major issue for individuals managing huge records. Besides, their matching up features are very obsolete. The box is the best option for those who require to have seamless work experience with fast performance.

Pricing: 10GB free storage, 100GB capacity for $10/mo and boundless storage for $15 every month with cutting edge features.

Box is the best Google Drive elective.

5. Google Drive – Most Popular Cloud Storage

Obviously, the rundown of the best cloud storage services is inadequate without Google Drive. It is one of the most mainstream and generally utilized cloud storage services. At the point when Google consolidated its cloud service with its office suite, it changed Google Drive for some to improve things. With work area applications accessible for both Mac just as Windows, Google Drive offers a simple to-utilize interface, solid joint effort instruments and matching up crosswise over stages.

By just having a Google account, you can use the free 15GB of capacity. Google Drive for Business accompanies harmonious combination with Microsoft Office, and its AI-based cloud storage improves client experience each time you use it.

One reason why companies and people favor not to utilize Google Drive is information protection. Google is infamous for keeping an eye on your information and afterward serving promotions based on your interests. It relies upon the reality of whether you need to utilize Google Drive for putting away records that have touchy information.

In any case, Google Drive is a ground-breaking cloud storage choice that accompanies a smooth interface and vast amounts of features.

Pricing: $1.99/mo for 100GB, $2.99/mo for 200GB, $9.99/mo for 2TB, $99.99/mo for 10TB

Google Drive is a ground-breaking cloud storage choice that accompanies a smooth interface

6. OneDrive – Best Cloud Storage For Windows Users

Microsoft’s OneDrive is another prominent name with regards to the best cloud storage service out there. Some time ago known as SkyDrive, OneDrive offers free 5GB capacity and Office 365 clients, can get 1TB of size with the standard arrangement. OneDrive’s remarkable features incorporate record forming, document sharing help, 2-factor authentication, and an inserted media player.

Records On-Demand is a mainstream feature of OneDrive online capacity which makes your documents accessible on Windows 10 without occupying space on your PC. Progressed community devices of OneDrive make it a standout amongst other cloud storage services for companies.

OneDrive stores your master secret key and other encryption keys on its servers which makes it less secure.

Pricing: $3/mo for 100GB, $7/mo for 1TB and boundless capacity for $10 every month.

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How to pick a cloud storage service?

Picking a cloud storage supplier isn’t as simple as it appears. You have to consider the accompanying focuses before you pick one from the rundown:


Ensure that the cloud storage supplier you’re picking has sent sufficient safety effort to secure your transferred documents and files. Favor the suppliers offering features like secret key insurance, military-grade encryption, and multifaceted validation.


Most cloud storage services ensure 99.9% uptime; however, there could be chances that they witness visit personal time. Accordingly, look for their past reputation as far as uptime.


Synchronizing is a noteworthy part of picking the best cloud storage. Your picked service must give consistent adjusting of records and organizers between various stages.


There are free cloud storage benefits just as paid services. On the off chance that your work includes transferring documents containing classified information to cloud, it is smarter to pick paid choices offering conspicuous security features. Pursuing the least expensive cloud storage may prompt a loss of important information.

Bottom Line

Most of the available cloud storage services in the market allow a certain amount of the free space or a trial period, so you can try them out before deciding which one you’ll stick with. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite online cloud storage for photos and files in the comment.

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