How to Access iCloud Photos, Contacts, Calendar, Emails on Android

iCloud is the cloud storage service provided by Apple to its iPhone users. It secures all your iPhone videos, documents, and photos that you can access from any of the devices. However, iCloud only works for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, so Android users are not able to access or view the files stored in iCloud directly. If you are planning to switch from iPhone to Android phone then you might think of giving up on this exceptional cloud computing service. However, there is no need to do that as you can access iCloud on Android phone now with the help of some Android applications. Also, there are individual apps for individual tasks like iCloud photo viewing, accessing iCloud email on Android, etc.

Access iCloud Photos, Contacts, Calendar, Emails on Android

Now, let us see how to use these apps individually to access iCloud from your Android device.

Option 1. Access iCloud Photos on Android

If you need to view the iCloud photos from Android phone, or want to recover photos from iCloud on Android without the help of a computer, then please follow these steps below to do that in a seamless way. However, it should be noted that iCloud website is not supported by most of the Android web browsers, and Chrome is the only one browser that you could use to access your iCloud photos.

Thus, you can access and download any number of iCloud photos on your Android device without using a computer or laptop. All these iCloud photos can be viewed and edited on your phone, and if you accidentally delete any one of them, you can directly recover the deleted photos from Android phone memory with Android Data Recovery software rather than repeat the above tedious steps to recover photos from iCloud on Android.

Download Andorid Data Recovery for Windows Download Andorid Data Recovery for Mac

Option 2. Get Contacts from iCloud on Android

Getting contacts from iCloud is relatively straightforward, and this is the most reliable method to do that. Now you can follow the below steps to sync iCloud contacts to Android device.

Option 3. Access iCloud Calendar on Android

It is very simple to view iCloud calendar on Android by using the CalDav Sync app, which lets you sync CalDAV or Webcal calendar to Android phone. You just need to install this app on your Android device to sync your iCloud calendar on your smartphone. Though CalDAV Sync app is not a free application, it is not costly at all and worth its cost completely.

Follow these steps to access iCloud calendar on your Android phone directly:

Option 4. Access iCloud Email on Android

To access iCloud email on Android phone, you just need to use your Gmail app on your smartphone and follow these steps to access iCloud email account:

Gmail will then automatically sync your iCloud email account and you will be able to access it on Android anytime you want to!

Option 5. One-stop Solution to Access All iCloud Data on Android

If you are tired of the above options, then this iCloud for Android Assistant is a wonderful tool that lets you access all kinds of iCloud data on Android device. It allows you to access iCloud contacts, calendar, and iCloud messages on all types of Android phones like Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony, Oppo, LG, etc. You just need to download the Windows or Mac version of the program depending upon your computer operating system and connect your Android to the computer. After that, you can directly access iCloud data on your phone.

Here are the detailed steps to use this iCloud for Android Assistant:


These were a few methods that will help you access iCloud photos, contacts, emails, calendar and etc on your Android phone. Follow these methods carefully and if you find some difficulties in doing so, please mention it in the comments section. Also, you can share any new methods if you know about them in the comment section.

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