10 Best Websites Like TorrentFunk to Download Movies/TV Series in 2019

TorrentFunk, also considered as the king of torrent search engine sites, is the best possible website where you can find torrent files of millions of movies, TV shows, web series (especially the best web series in India), paid software, and much more. TorrentFunk is launched in early 2011 and since then, its popularity has increased rapidly as per the Google Trend reports. Users often visit this website whenever they are in a search for a torrent file of their favorite movie or anything else which is paid. At the same time, the role of some great alternatives to TorrentFunk cannot be ignored. Also, this website is purely dedicated to providing torrent files searched by users. Earlier, this website was a torrent hosting website, which means it provided the searched torrent files from other different torrent websites. But after some time, this website created its own database and started offering torrent files to its users from its database.

This website has also undergone many maintenance instances and after all these things, this website became operational for all users. But soon after the full launch of this website, this website was again hit by server breakdown and other small issues, which resisted users to get their favorite torrent files. Moreover, this website also lost its security certificate and now it is banned by governments of different countries. We hope that it will come back again into functionality for users but till then, you need to get some other websites that will supply you torrent files of your choice and as per your requirements. That’s why we will list the best 10 TorrentFunk alternatives in 2019 which can be taken into consideration for your switching currently. All these 10 websites have an edge over one another and we hope that you will definitely choose the best pick out of them to replace the TorrentFunk website.

Best Websites Like TorrentFunk

1) LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the best websites to download movies/TV series.

This is our first pick of this list and believes us, this website like TorrentFunk is the best possible substitute for the TorrentFunk website because of its powerful search engine and huge database. LimeTorrents was not so popular in the early days after its launch, but soon after it came into functionality, it became very popular and now it has overtaken many of the major torrent providing websites. This verified BitTorrent website contains over 5 million active torrent files that are accessed by users on a daily basis. You don’t need to register on this website to access the content or torrent files available on this website. Moreover, before the downloading of any file gets started, you will be shown the file size in the description, which makes torrent downloading much easier for users. That’s why LimeTorrents is our first pick of this list.

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2) The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best websites to download movies/TV series.

The Pirate Bay is another very fantastic alternative to TorrentFunk which can be used in place of TorrentFunk. Over 3 million active torrent files are available on this website and this number is increasing day by day with the increasing popularity of this website. This website contains the biggest database of torrent files of different movies, TV shows, web series, and much more. This website was launched in 2003 and if you look at the user interface of this website, then you won’t find it appealing because torrent files are displayed in the form of a simple link. But overall it’s a very good website with a lot of fantastic features.

3) KickassTorrents (KAT)

KickassTorrents is one of the best websites to download movies/TV series.

KAT is one of the leading websites in terms of search engine capability. The powerful search engine of this website makes this website very popular among users. The probability of finding torrent files of your choice is very much high on this website. Moreover, KAT is among the eldest torrent providing websites as compared to other websites. The major latest releases in the segment of movies and TV shows are also added in the form of torrent files on this website. The huge database and much liter user interface make KAT a very good option to replace the TorrentFunk website.

4) 1337X

1337X is one of the best websites to download movies/TV series.

This is another very great option available to replace the TorrentFunk website. This TorrentFunk alternative website is known for its eye-attracting user interface which will definitely improve your overall watching experience. 1337X is among the highly rated torrent providing websites which offer great features to users. All the torrent files of different movies are sorted according to the genre, language, popularity, and date of added on the website. That’s why 1337X is a must try website to replace the void space of TorrentFunk.

5) 01torrent

This BitTorrent website is another very good example of torrent providing websites that can be considered to replace the TorrentFunk website. This is also a very old website like KAT but frankly speaking, KAT has a little edge over the 01torrent website because of the minor difference between the features they offer. Using the 01torrent website, you can download MP3 music files and some paid software packages which are not available very easily on the web. As far as all these features and points are concerned, 01torrent cannot be considered as the best replacement but you can surely use this website at least once.


RARBG is one of the best websites to download movies/TV series.

This website which is like TorrentFunk is lesser known to users who are regularly looking for torrent files. The main reason behind the low popularity of this website is its poor graphical user interface. But as far as the availability of torrent files is considered, this website is having an edge over the major torrent providing websites. The huge number of torrent files available on this website is the key feature of this website and users are loving it. You can definitely try this website for sure.

7) MagTors

This torrent hosting website is another very brilliant choice in terms of the number of torrent files available. This torrent hosting website contains over 4 million active torrent files and daily, more than 10,000 torrent files are uploaded on its server. Apart from movies and TV shows, paid software, animes, books, and documentaries are also available on this website. That’s why MagTors is considered as another very brilliant option as a substitute for TorrentFunk.

8) ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is one of the best websites to download movies/TV series.

ExtraTorrent is not the best replacement for the TorrentFunk website, but this alternative to TorrentFunk bears millions of torrent files on its server which are frequently used by users. The majority of these torrent files are now inactive but some of them are still working. You can also request to the admin of the website to add the torrent file which you looking or searching for. ExtraTorrent is not so popular among users but its huge database and request feature makes it a very charming and good choice among users.

9) CiniSearch

CiniSearch is a neat and clean website that is simply devoted to provide torrent files of different movies and TV shows. There are no such unwanted links or advertisement links present on this website to earn some extra bucks. Instead, CiniSearch is a fantastic website where you can enter the keyword of the movie or software which you are searching for and after you click on the search option, it will start searching automatically. There is no such huge database on this website but all you can find through this website are relevant torrent files, which makes it a very strong contender compared to other websites.

10) Torrentz

Torrentz is one of the best websites to download movies/TV series.

Torrentz is our last pick as a TorrentFunk alternative in this list but trusts us, it is as much good as other websites that we have already listed above. From the availability of torrent files to the user interface, all are very good and up to mark. The main thing which resists users to use this website is the presence of unwanted VPN download links which are pretty annoying for users. But in a nutshell, Torrentz is a very good choice and we hope that you will also love this website in place of TorrentFunk.

Tip: By the way, if you want to find your favorite games from some torrent websites, you can visit the best 15 torrent sites for game download in 2019.


As we have mentioned, it is not an easy task to find out the best possible alternatives to TorrentFunk. But you can surely pick one of these best websites to replace the TorrentFunk website. As per our recommendation, RARBG, 1337X, and The Pirate Bay are the top 3 picks from the above list. You can also share your favorite picks from the above list in the comments section. We will be happy to start a discussion with you.

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