How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android

We all know that Facebook Messenger is not only an excellent way to communicate with friends, family, business associates, and other people, but also a convenient way to share files, photos, videos, links, and others with specific contacts without making these contents public to everyone. But what happens when your important Facebook messages are deleted? It must be a terrible thing if you lose them all of a sudden.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages

Facebook Messenger is always not the best way to store important information because messages can be easily lost from there. What’s worse, just like WhatsApp who won’t help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages if you don’t have backup, Facebook also will never help you in recovering messages on Facebook Messenger if you have deleted a message.

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Don’t worry, as it is really obvious that there are at least two persons involved in a conversation on Facebook. If one person deletes the messages, another one will still keep it. Therefore, you just simply ask the person you have been chatting for a copy of the conversation. If he/she doesn’t have the copy too, then you can just follow the straightforward methods in this article and restore Messenger messages on Android without special technical skills. Now let’s see what can be done to retrieve deleted messages on Facebook chat easily.

PART 1. How to Restore Messenger Messages on Android Directly

Facebook Messenger keeps another copy of the same chat messages in your phone memory. Therefore, the deleted messages you thought were gone, actually still exist on your phone. So it is possible to recover deleted Messenger messages within the following simple steps.

PART 2: Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android from PC

There is a unique Facebook Messenger feature which usually stores a copy of your Messenger messages on your Android internal/external storage. Before we start, please ensure that you don’t delete the cache folder on your Android phone.

PART 3: Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger from Archive Messages

Like Instagram, Facebook has an Archive feature as well. With this feature, you can hide specific conversations from the chatting list without actually deleting them. Hence, if a conversation has been moved to the Archive Threads, it still can be recoverable. However, it should be remembered that to restore Android Facebook Messenger messages from Archived Messages, you have to make sure that you have archived Facebook messages previously.

Let’s first figure out how to view archived messages on Facebook:

Tips: If you wonder how to archive Facebook Messenger messages again, you can follow the instructions below.

PART 4: Use Android Facebook Messenger Recovery Tools

If you haven’t found your Facebook messages with the methods mentioned above, don’t give up and lose hope. We suggest you you trying third-party tools that provide you with the most efficient way to recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger.

The first tool we recommend is GT Messenger Recovery. Here is how to use it:

The second tool we use to recover deleted Messenger messages is Jihosoft Android Data Recovery:

PART 5: Tips for Perform a Backup of Your Facebook Messages

Facebook always allows you to make a backup copy of all your data and your conversations with others on a regular basis. Below are the easy steps to backup your WhatsApp messages:

Final Words:

That’s all! Hope all of these methods are effective enough to help you recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages on Android. And remember to be careful and take care of what you delete on Facebook Messenger when you are cleaning up the messages. Once you delete a message, though you can get the message back, it must be a time-consuming process. You can also connect with us and leave us a message in the comment section below!

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