How to Brighten an Underexposed Photo without Photoshop

In our everyday busy schedule, we frequently tend to capture some of our life’s best moments with a camera, maybe through DSLR or with a simple smartphone camera. But often we face a situation, wherein our captured images maybe dull or is too dark.

Brighten Photo Apps

Dark photos are not so much appealing and are just unacceptable for trying out. But nowadays we do not worry much especially about dark photos literally. Due to the invention of various apps and software, editing photos even without using heavy Photoshop software has just become much easier. By the way, you can even turn your photos into cartoon, convert photos to pencil sketch or to any other art forms by various light-weighted apps on the market.

So, to help you to fix a picture that is too dark, we will be using a few brighten dark photos apps excluding the Photoshop software. Here are our top brighten dark photo apps available for Android devices at the Play Store to brighten your dark photo:

1. Snapseed

This hugely popular and advanced photo editor is one of the best free photo editor app currently in the market. This app has lots of tools, filters and unique features to enhance your pictures. Among all other features, this app does a great job when it comes to brightening dark photos.

Notable features for fixing a dark picture include:

Overall this is a complete photo editor that not only easily helps you to brighten your dark photos but also helps you to edit your photos completely and seamlessly.

How to fix a picture that is too dark with Snapseed:

Need more adjustments? Use all the other features of the app to fix your dark photos readily.

2. AirBrush

This is the best retouch tool that helps to edit pics, add filters and even create beautiful selfies. This app aims to bring perfection to your photos by being the best photo editor and using great filter technology.

Using AirBrush to Brighten an Underexposed Photo.

The “brighten” function of this app helps you enhance your face in the photo to instantly light up your features. You can retouch, edit and even tan your skin that will in turn help you achieve a perfect, glowing photo in just a few swipes! With this app your skin will just look naturally radiant in all of your selfies or dark toned photos!

AirBrush continuously updates itself with newer features and effects to help you stay up to date with new editing standards. This app turns out to be one of the best Android photo editors with user-friendly retouch tools, brighten feature and equipped with lots of filters!

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3. Adobe Photoshop Fix

This is a different version from the original Photoshop app. This Adobe Photoshop Fix app enables powerful, yet easy image retouching as well as restoration on your Android smartphone. You can heal, smooth, liquify, lighten up your images and make other edits and adjustments that will help you to give a precise look you’re after. The Lighten and darken feature helps you to add or remove light from the specific parts of your photo. This in turn helps you to totally brighten up your dark pictures and give a new look to it.

Access to all your edited photos within the Adobe mobile or desktop apps by just signing in to your Adobe Creative Cloud to further refine them or even use these images in other creative projects.

Using Adobe Photoshop Fix to Brighten an Underexposed Photo.

4. BeautyPlus

This is another familiar Android app that not only captures great photos but also helps you to enhance your photos especially dark photos. BeautyPlus offers simple, yet powerful photo editing tools, some great artistic effects, augmented reality (AR) filters and much more.

It’s needless to mention that this app gives more priority to selfies yet it does a great job when it comes to making dark photos brighter. You can adjust the brightness of your selfies or photos and add some great filters to further enhance them for putting it up as your profile picture or post it in your social media account with just a tap from this app only.

Using BeautyPlus to Brighten an Underexposed Photo.

5. PhotoDirector

Here, the name suggests the use of this app honestly. PhotoDirector Android application is a product by CyberLink that aims to edit all your photos seamlessly. Easily edit photos, resize pictures, add photo fx and more with the PhotoDirector app!

With this app you can apply special effects to photos like – changing the white balance or saturation, applying unique photo effects in real-time and also making creative adjustments directly from your smartphone’s camera. The Brighten pictures mode easily helps you adjust the tone along with Brightness, Darkness, Exposure and Contrast sliders to enrich your photos.

This image editor app combines a feature-packed pic editor as well as a creative collage maker with lots of live camera filters and effects to enhance your photography. No doubt this is a great image editing tool honestly.

Using PhotoDirector to Brighten an Underexposed Photo.

Extra Tip:

If there is any unwanted persons, watermarks, logos, shadows, power lines appearing in your photos, you can remove all of them out of your photo and make your photos clean again. To do that, you don’t need to use the bloated Photoshop. Instead, this Photo Eraser software acts both as the Healing Brush Tool and Clone Stamp Tool inside the Photoshop. With this software, you can easily erase unwanted stuff from photos with one click.

Download Photo Eraser for Windows Download Photo Eraser for Mac


All of these apps are free to download at the Play Store, so you can download your favorite app on your Android smartphone to fix your underexposed dark photos seamlessly. With a huge range of applications and simple steps, to fix a picture that is just too dark has now become much simpler and easier.

So, try all of the above-mentioned apps and find your suitable one, follow the simple steps to easily fix your dark photos directly from your smartphone.

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